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Garrett Pfeifer, Live Oak Brand founder, is an avid golfer. His time spent on a recent trip to Charleston inspired our Live Oak Brand Blind Squirrel Golf Polo. Named after the "Blind Squirrel Lucky Shot", check out his story below:
"I was recently in Charleston, SC,  playing golf at the C.C. Of Charleston with my brother-in-law. While being a really great guy and one helluva doctor, he does have some degenerate gambling habits. So he guilted me into a round of golf with a $100 Nassau wager. Of course he was getting 9 strokes along with a breakfast ball on the first tee. The match was fairly tight until we reached the 11th hole which is a diabolical par 3. I hit an awesome shot only to have it land on the concrete-like green and roll all the way to the back fringe. My opponent hit a fat iron short of the green and was left with a putt up a ridiculous false front to a flag he could not see. The putt had 15 feet of elevation change and 20 feet of break. Of course he made the putt and took a lead in our match. It was the proverbial “Blind Squirrel “ lucky shot. To commemorate the round, when I came home I made a special edition “Blind Squirrel” golf shirt for him. When his friends saw him wearing it, they all agreed that he is one lucky son-of-a-gun. But they also asked where they could get one to give to their “Lucky” friends.  
Thus the Special edition Blind Squirrel Golf Shirt was born. They are now available from Live Oak Brand on a limited edition basis."